Collect personal information

When you register an account on VULTURE.VN, you will provide personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. We will use this information to confirm and deliver your order.

In addition, VULTURE Co also collects information such as IP address, browser, operating system and information about website activity to improve user experience.

Use of personal information

We commit to using customers’ personal information only to carry out transactions related to purchases on their website. In addition, VULTURE Co does not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties without the customer’s permission.

Personal information security

We are committed to protecting our customers’ personal information with appropriate security measures. VULTURE.VN’s website is protected with SSL security technologies to ensure that customer information is encrypted and protected.

In addition, VULTURE.VN uses other security measures such as SSL certificates, firewalls, anti-virus software and network security measures to protect customers’ personal information.

Customer rights

Customers have the right to access, edit and delete their personal information on VULTURE.VN. If you would like to request that we delete your information from our systems, you may contact VULTURE Co to request it.


We encourage customers not to share their account information with anyone. If you use a public computer to access the VULTURE.VN website, please ensure that you log out of your account after completing the purchase process.

In addition, customers need to always update anti-virus software and security applications on their devices to ensure the safety of personal information. If you detect any suspicious activity related to your account on VULTURE.VN, please contact us immediately for assistance.

With its strict customer information security policy, VULTURE Co is committed to protecting customers’ personal information and ensuring that purchases on your website are made safely and securely. security.